Using IMPL with Gurobi

Seamlessly use the Gurobi Optimizer in IMPL for Industrial Discrete, Nonlinear and Dynamic (DND) Optimization and Estimation Problems.

IMPL (Industrial Modeling and Programming Language), provided by Industrial Algorithms Limited, is specifically engineered for large-scale, complex and time-varying industrial optimization and estimation problems found in for example, the batch and continuous process industries, to capture significant economical, efficiency and environmental benefits. IMPL is a structural- and semantic-based language making it easily and quickly deployable in both off-line and on-line commercial operating environments. Not only is the power of the Gurobi Optimizer used to solve its discrete and dynamic (MILP) optimization problems but Gurobi’s LP and QP are wrapped into IMPL’s Successive Linear Programming and Quadratic Programming Engine (SLPQPE) to solve nonlinear and dynamic design, planning, scheduling and control optimization problems fast and reliably.