Dr. Steven Edwards

Technical Account Manager – Oceania, South-East Asia

Dr. Steven Edwards completed his PhD at Monash University in the field of discrete optimization. His thesis was motivated by the scheduling of automated pathology testing systems used for the diagnosis of cancers and infectious diseases. As part of his research, he developed a modeling framework for efficiently solving large-scale optimization problems using constraint programming inspired by existing techniques in boolean satisfiability and mixed-integer programming. After completing his thesis, Steven worked briefly at the Australian Bureau of Statistics on optimization problems in data security before commencing as a Research Fellow in Operations Research at the University of Melbourne. 

Steven is an excellent communicator of technical content. He won the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award for the entire Faculty of Science at Monash University; codeveloped the mathematical optimization course at the Australian National University to very positive evaluations; and has written popular newspaper articles that demonstrate the power of mathematical optimization to a general audience by determining optimal decisions to fantasy football competitions given perfect hindsight.

Steven lives in Melbourne, Australia and enjoys spending time with family and friends, tinkering with hobby projects, and escaping to the outdoors as much as possible.