How Optimization Modeling Creates Value for an Organization

Learn how to better showcase the value of optimization in your organization.

In this forty-minute webinar you'll learn:

  • Identifying opportunities for optimization
  • Using mixed integer programming to automate decision-making processes
  • Implementing an exception-based decision-making framework
  • Using optimization to transform the role of planning in your organization
  • How key features in Gurobi make generating this value more easily obtainable
  • Concrete actions you can take to implement impactful optimization projects

You can download a .pdf of the slides used during this webinar here.

Getting Gurobi

Whether you are new to optimization or switching from a competing solver, we've worked hard to make getting started with Gurobi easier for you.

Using Gurobi

To help you be as productive as possible, we offer a detailed reference manual along with numerous code examples and a wide range of videos.


At Gurobi, we provide our customers direct access to PhD-level optimization experts with years of experience working with commercial models.