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To install this license on a computer where Gurobi Optimizer is installed, copy and paste the following command to the Start/Run menu (Windows only) or a command/terminal prompt (any system):



The grbgetkey command requires an active internet connection. If your computer has no internet access, or you get no response or an error message such as “Unable to contact key server” or ERROR 303, please see below for more instructions on installation:


Additional Instructions:

Please check the following conditions for the computer where you want to set up the free academic license file.

  • The computer can communicate with the Gurobi website (
  • The computer is connected to your university’s network directly or via VPN.
  • The computer is not using a proxy server
  • The grbgetkey program is not blocked by a personal firewall or an internet security program

For more information, please see the Knowledge Base article, How do I resolve an “ERROR 303” from grbgetkey?.