Mission, Vision, and Values

Since our founding in 2008, Gurobi Optimization has been focused on helping our customers succeed with mathematical optimization.  We are a company with a mission, a strong set of values and a clear sense of what we’re trying to accomplish.



Our Mission


We focus on mathematical optimization – it’s all that we do. We empower our customers to expand their use of mathematical optimization technology in order to make smarter decisions and solve some of the world’s toughest and most impactful business problems.



Our Vision


A world where any organization can fearlessly use mathematical optimization technology to manage complexity and make better decisions.



Our Values



We strive for continual improvement in our product and in our business. We develop cutting-edge technology, take measured risks, and use critical thinking to evaluate new ideas.



Customer Focus

We are dedicated to helping our customers, partners, and the academic community succeed with mathematical optimization.




We endeavor to be honest, trustworthy, and transparent in everything we do. We are fair, respectful, and inclusive of everyone.




We love the work we do and are proud of the impact we have.



The Power of the Team

We celebrate the fact that we are an international, multigenerational, and multicultural team that works together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.



How Gurobi Was Founded

Co-founder and Advisor Robert Bixby explains how Gurobi was founded and its three guiding principles.