Get the License That’s Right for You

We make it easy for students, faculty, and researchers to work with mathematical optimization. Whether for use in class or research, academics can use Gurobi Optimizer at no cost. Get all the same Gurobi features and performance, with no limits on model size. 

Request the academic license that’s right for you. Need help choosing? Let Dr. Kostja Siefen walk you through the options

Academic Named-User License

Our Most Popular Academic License: Start your journey here. Get a free, unlimited-use Gurobi Optimizer license for a single person, on a single machine.

Academic WLS License

Run Gurobi in virtually all deployment scenarios, including containerized environments, virtual machines, and bare-metal machines, across Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Academic Site License

University Administrators: You can share Gurobi with multiple users in your academic departments, schools, and classrooms by running Gurobi on your university’s local-area network, at no cost to you or your institution.

Academic Gurobi Cloud License

Get on-demand access to Gurobi on cloud machines. Although the license is free, you’ll be responsible for the cost of cloud resource usage.

AMPL, GAMS, and MPL Programs

Are you an AMPL, GAMS, or MPL user? Learn about our academic license programs.

Academic License Program Requirements

  • Must be a faculty member, student, or staff of a recognized degree-granting academic institution.
  • Can be used for research, educational purposes, or industry consulting projects (requires Gurobi approval).
  • Must be validated from a recognized academic domain.
  • Licenses can be renewed for as long as you remain eligible.
  • There is no limit to the number of free licenses you can obtain, but each license must be generated individually.

Get Started with Gurobi and Optimization

Check out these free, open-education resources to help students and instructors learn and teach optimization at a range of levels. 

Join the Community

Our Gurobi Community Discussion Forum is here to answer your questions. And our Academic Community Channel on YouTube offers up step-by-step installation tutorials, FAQs, lecture content from the Gurobi academic community, and more.

Get Started with Optimization

Get started with a basic introduction to Gurobi via our Gurobi Quick Start Guides and video resources for beginners. You can also check out Coursera's online learning courses. Just search for "optimization."

Code Examples & Jupyter Notebooks

Dive right in with our functional code examples for commonly used features and our Jupyter Notebook library, which walks users through common optimization problems in Python.

Linear Optimization Textbook

Get your free copy of A First Course in Linear Optimization by Dr. Jon Lee, Professor of Engineering, University of Michigan.

The Fun Way to Explore Optimization

The Burrito Optimization Game is a free educational tool for introducing students to the power of optimization.

Try Gurobi for Free

Choose the evaluation license that fits you best, and start working with our Expert Team for technical guidance and support.

Evaluation License
Get a free, full-featured license of the Gurobi Optimizer to experience the performance, support, benchmarking and tuning services we provide as part of our product offering.
Academic License
Gurobi supports the teaching and use of optimization within academic institutions. We offer free, full-featured copies of Gurobi for use in class, and for research.
Cloud Trial

Request free trial hours, so you can see how quickly and easily a model can be solved on the cloud.