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When you need mathematical optimization guidance, turn to our Gurobi Alliance partners. With Gurobi Alliance, you can tap into our network of trusted organizations—so you can get the help you need, no matter where you are on your mathematical optimization journey.


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Our partners get to know your business goals—and then create a solution that helps you meet those goals.

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Start optimizing faster and more effectively, by letting the experts guide your way.

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How a Service
Partner Can Help

Current State Assessment

Let a Gurobi Alliance partner come alongside, review your business processes, and identify ways you can transform with mathematical optimization and other advanced analytics technologies.

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Optimization Feasibility Study

Explore and demonstrate the feasibility of your proposed optimization project, with help from a Gurobi Alliance partner.

Your partner will interview your stakeholders to establish desired outcomes and priorities. Then, you’ll receive a systematic and comprehensive analysis of your existing business process, as well as opportunities and threats.

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Optimization Project Assessment

Based on the Current State Assessment results, a Gurobi Alliance partner can help estimate the time, effort, and cost of a possible optimization project. This will include extensive interviews with key stakeholders involved in your business processes and related disciplines.

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Quick Start Optimization Projects

A Gurobi Alliance partner can help accelerate time to market with an optimization strategy and a PoC (proof-of-concept) model based on a chosen scenario for your business case. To do this, it’s best to leverage the results of a Current State Assessment or an Optimization Project Assessment. This will include extensive interviews with key stakeholders involved in your business processes and related disciplines.

Services could include efficient frontier considerations, optimization scenarios, executable mathematical model(s), and an architecture recommendation.

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Full Optimization Implementation Project

A Gurobi Alliance partner can help conduct and deliver a complete project implementation based on the Optimization Project Assessment or the Quick Start Optimization Project.

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Gurobi On-Site Training

Gurobi Partners can develop and conduct personalized, on-site optimization training for Gurobi customers. Your partner will work with you to identify specific topics aligned to your goals. Topics may include:

  • An introduction to optimization for business users and analysts
  • Jump-start optimization training for beginners
  • API and deployment options for IT architects
  • Optimization techniques for OR professionals

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Take the First Step Towards Optimized Decision-Making

Start off with a complimentary working session. Our teams will learn about your unique business challenges–and work with you to identify which ones can benefit most from decision intelligence technology.

And if you decide to move forward with a full optimization implementation, your partner and the Gurobi Compass team will guide your teams through—every step of the way.

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