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Webinars: January 31 | February 7 | February 9

Building Gurobi Models from Pandas Dataframes

Webinar: Building Gurobi Models from Pandas Dataframes.

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Webinars: January 25 | February 2 | February 7

Using Trained Machine Learning Predictors in Gurobi

Webinar: Using Trained Machine Learning Predictors in Gurobi.

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Webinars: December 13th & 15th

Holiday Tech Talk - Prevent the Grinch from Stealing your Optimization Projects

In this Holiday Tech Talk, we will dive into some very unexpected ways of how Gurobi or applications that called it behaved, be it due to a mistake in the code, creative use of the solver by our users, numerical issues, or something else.

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Webinar: Matrix-friendly Modeling with Gurobipy

Starting with Gurobi version 10.0, gurobipy makes it very easy to build optimization models that are naturally formulated with multi-dimensional constraints.

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Webinars: December 7, 2022

【中文网络讲座】Gurobi 10.0 发布 -- 新亮点和技术创新

本次网络讲座中,Gurobi Optimization 公司的 CTO 和创始人顾宗浩博士将会介绍Gurobi 10.0 的新亮点和技术创新。讲座内容包括性能提升采用的新技术和新算法,例如网络单纯形算法,并发LP 求解算法的改进和基于优化的边界紧缩技术OBBT等。Gurobi 10.0将是第一个允许将用户的机器学习模型嵌入到数学规划模型中的商业求解器,极大括展了数据科学家调用运筹算法的能力,这部分功能在Github上开源提供。这部分内容也会在讲座中介绍,以及其他一些开源的效率工具,例如对 pandas 数据的建模支持等。

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Webinars: November 17-18 2022

Optimization 101 for Data Scientists

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Gurobi Days: November 17-18, 2022

Gurobi Days NYC

We are pleased to announce that our Gurobi Days training event is back in-person and will take place November 17th –  18th at the New York Marriott Downtown in New York City.

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ML and Optimization to determine best store network

BearingPoint has been using analytics to support its supply chain projects for many years. Optimisation is a key tool, especially for network optimisation projects, but typically would be combined with other analytical methods.

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Gurobi Days: October 19 and 20, 2022

Gurobi Days Paris 2022

Gurobi Days Paris took place on October 19 & 20, 2022. It was a 2 days event focusing on business presentations, product updates and technical training.

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Conference: October 15-19 2022

2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting

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New at Gurobi

Gurobi 10.0 Delivers Blazing-Fast Speed, Innovative Data Science Integration, and an Enterprise Development and Deployment Experience
Latest release enables data professionals to easily integrate machine learning models into optimization models to solve new types of problems.
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Webinar: What’s New in Gurobi 10.0
In this webinar, attendees will get a first look at our upcoming product release, Gurobi 10.0. We will summarize the performance improvements and highlight some of the underlying algorithmic advances, such as the network simplex algorithm, enhancements in concurrent LP, and optimization based bound tightening.
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Cost Savings & Business Benefits for Gurobi Customers
2022 Total Economic Impact™ Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi
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