How can I migrate from Gurobi from another solver?

New customers regularly tell us that migrating was easier than they expected, and that they are happy they made the switch to Gurobi. Find out all of the details about why you should switch and how to migrate.

Is Gurobi a software or a service?

Gurobi is a special kind of software called a “solver.” But Gurobi doesn’t have a graphical interface the way your familiar consumer apps do. You interface with it through programming languages like Python, AIMMS, and R—so you have to know how to code. And you need to know how to create a mathematical model.

Don’t have those skills in-house? We have a network of trusted service partners who are ready to help.

And at any point along the way, the Gurobi Expert team is here to help with troubleshooting and tuning your mathematical models. We also offer customized training for groups that need help with modeling techniques, model tuning, etc.

How is Gurobi different from machine learning?

Machine learning looks for patterns in historical data and uses those patterns to make predictions about the future. But what happens when your future no longer looks like your past?

With Gurobi, you can make decisions that don’t rely on your past data. You input what you want to achieve, and Gurobi identifies your best set of decisions. And if something changes along the way, no problem! Just adjust your inputs and run it through Gurobi again.

I know how to code. Can I use Gurobi?

You’ll also need to know how to create a mathematical model. People who know how to code (like data scientists, for example) can pretty easily pick up this skill. Check out our examplecode and basic training to get started.

Does Gurobi help people create their mathematical models?

We don’t currently offer that specific service. But we have trusted partners who do. And the Gurobi Experts team can help customers troubleshoot and tune their models anytime, at no cost. We also offer customized training for groups that need help with modeling techniques, model tuning, etc.

What advantage does Gurobi have over other decision models?

Other decision models—like decision rules or heuristics—can result in sub-optimal decisions because they explore only a tiny percentage of possible solutions. Gurobi, by contrast, can provide provable optimality. And for a business, the difference between “sub-optimal” and “optimal” decisions can be millions in revenue.

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