Optimization is the key to unlocking efficiency, driving superior outcomes, and achieving business success. That’s why we are thrilled to offer Gurobi Compass, our comprehensive training service designed to empower your team in the world of optimization.

Gurobi Compass offers customized training modules tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our expert trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to each session, ensuring that your team receives the highest quality instruction. Whether you have limited Gurobi experience or are looking to enhance advanced modeling techniques, we have the training solutions to elevate your optimization capabilities.

Comprehensive Training

Enhance Your Expertise with Comprehensive Training

Our training program covers a wide range of relevant topics, including:

Integration & Deployment

Seamlessly integrate Gurobi software components into your optimization solutions.

Modeling Techniques

Master the art of transforming complex business problems into efficient mathematical models.

Performance Tuning Techniques

Fine-tune your models to achieve optimal performance.

Custom Modules

Address specific optimization challenges with custom modules tailored to your needs.
Our training sessions are highly interactive, combining product training, case studies, and group discussions. This approach ensures active participation and better understanding of Gurobi.

Flexible Delivery Options

Training That Fits Your Schedule
We understand the busy schedules of your employees, and that’s why we offer flexible delivery options. Choose from:

In-person Workshops

Engage in hands-on training sessions conducted at your premises.

Online Webinars

Participate in virtual training sessions from anywhere, at your convenience.
We can tailor the delivery method to suit your specific needs, ensuring a seamless training experience.

Measurable Results

Track Your Progress and Achievements

We believe in the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of our training programs. That’s why we provide:

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Measure the impact of the training on individual growth and performance.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Receive valuable insights to fine-tune your optimization strategies.
  • Measurable Results: Track the progress of your team and witness the transformation in your optimization solutions.
Unlock the full potential of your team and achieve optimization excellence with Gurobi Compass training. Explore our training modules and tailor your learning experience today.

Discover Gurobi Compass Training

Try Gurobi for Free

Choose the evaluation license that fits you best, and start working with our Expert Team for technical guidance and support.

Evaluation License
Get a free, full-featured license of the Gurobi Optimizer to experience the performance, support, benchmarking and tuning services we provide as part of our product offering.
Academic License
Gurobi supports the teaching and use of optimization within academic institutions. We offer free, full-featured copies of Gurobi for use in class, and for research.
Cloud Trial

Request free trial hours, so you can see how quickly and easily a model can be solved on the cloud.