Bring Gurobi with You into the Workplace

In your academic program, Gurobi has been there for you—helping you solve incredible complexities, incredibly quickly.

But did you know we’re here for you after graduation, as well?

Through our Take Gurobi With You (TGWY) program, you can continue to get free, unrestricted access to Gurobi after graduation. This means you can bring the speed, scope, and problem-solving power of optimization with you into the workplace, using a tool you already know.

  • Get a single Named User License, in your name
  • Enjoy using Gurobi in your workplace for a full year, at no cost to you or your employer
  • Lean on our optimization experts—for help when you need it

Fill out the form to get started. (Still a student? Apply for our Gurobi Academic License instead!)


Program Limitations

By applying, you attest that you meet the eligibility requirements of this program and understand the following limitations.

  • You must have graduated within the past 24 months.
  • You must provide proof of graduation (scanned diploma or final transcript), employment verification (LinkedIn profile), and manager approval.
  • License is limited to one license per employer, per department.
  • Before your 12-month subscription expires, we may provide you with the opportunity for a 6-month extension, at our discretion.

You’ve got the skills. Now let’s start solving problems.

Are you a recent graduate who held a valid Gurobi Academic License while you were in school? You may qualify to “Take Gurobi With You” to your new workplace!

Use the Same Solver the Pros Use

2,500+ businesses run on Gurobi, including SAP, Air France, and the National Football League (NFL). You’re in good company!

Showcase Your Problem-Solving Skills

Our 25+ PhDs are here to help you succeed with mathematical optimization—from troubleshooting to tuning and more.

Get Enterprise Performance at an Open-Source Price

Don’t settle for open source when you can get the speed, scope, and power of Gurobi—plus expert support—for free.