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Our experts are here to help you successfully integrate Gurobi into your software solution and your business. From building your prototype solution and getting the solution market-ready, to scaling your business and creating a competitive financial business model, this 36-month program helps you get up and running faster than going it alone.

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Get up and running fast, with technical, sales, and marketing support and exclusive go-to-market opportunities.

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Boost your skills with our online training, guidance from the Gurobi Experts team, and mentoring opportunities—and access top talent through our academic alliances.

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Receive preferred access to the Gurobi R&D team, as well as our beta releases and roadmaps, and collaborate on your sales, marketing, and technical projects.

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We’re with you, every step of the way.

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Join the successful businesses that have integrated the power of Gurobi into their software solution.

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Gurobi: Always Free for Academics

We make it easy for students, faculty, and researchers to work with mathematical optimization.

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When you face complex optimization challenges, you can trust our Gurobi Alliance partners for expert services.

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Our global team of helpful, PhD-level experts are here to support you—with responses in hours, not days.