Enersinc Switches to the Gurobi Optimizer to Boost the Power of its Energy Market Software Solutions

October 22, 2020

Enersinc decides to switch to give customers access to the market-leading mathematical optimization solver technology and support

Beaverton, Ore – Gurobi Optimization, LLC today announced that Enersinc – a Colombia-based firm that specializes in developing software solutions for companies in the energy industry – has decided to switch from its legacy mathematical optimization solver to the Gurobi Optimizer. With Gurobi’s state-of-the-art solver powering Enersinc’s suite of energy market software solutions, Enersinc’s customers will be able to more effectively utilize mathematical optimization to improve energy resource utilization and revenue growth and reduce strategic risk and operating costs.

After a rigorous testing and evaluation process, Enersinc – which had been embedding another commercial solver in its software solutions ever since the company was founded in 2011 – decided to switch to the Gurobi Optimizer. There were three main drivers of this decision to switch:

  • Superior solver speed and robustness: With the Gurobi Optimizer – the world’s fastest and most powerful mathematical optimization solver – as the engine of Enersinc’s software solutions, Enersinc customers will have the capability to:
    • Achieve the fastest solve times and enable rapid scenario analysis and real-time decision making.
    • Address the full spectrum of energy-industry optimization problems including unit commitment, risk analysis, and short-, mid-, and long-term forecasting.
  • World-class support: Enersinc will have access to Gurobi’s Support Team, which is comprised of PhD-level mathematical optimization experts who are highly skilled at helping customers implement and use the Gurobi Optimizer.
  • Future-proof technology: With Gurobi’s commitment to continuous technological improvement and innovation, Enersinc customers can have confidence that – as the energy market changes in the coming years and becomes more complex and challenging – they will be able to continue to use mathematical optimization to tackle their business problems and realize the best possible business outcomes.

Enersinc CEO Jorge Sierra Almanza commented: “The decision to switch to the Gurobi Optimizer was driven by our desire to give our customers the best: the best mathematical optimization solver and support, and the best solutions for the business problems in the energy industry – today and in the future. Indeed, with Gurobi, we can ensure that Enersinc customers are prepared and equipped with the technological tools they need to face any new energy market challenges that arise.”


About Gurobi Optimization

Gurobi produces the world’s fastest and most powerful mathematical optimization solver – the Gurobi Optimizer – which is used by leading global companies across more than 40 different industries to rapidly solve their complex, real-world problems and make automated decisions that optimize their efficiency and profitability.

As the market leader in mathematical optimization software, we aim to deliver not only the best solver, but also the best support – so that companies can fully leverage the power of mathematical optimization (on its own or in combination with other AI techniques such as machine learning) to drive optimal business decisions and outcomes.

Founded in 2008, Gurobi has operations across the USA, Europe, and Asia and has more than 2,500 customers globally including SAP, Air France, Uber, and the National Football League (NFL). For more information, please visit https://www.gurobi.com/ or call +1 713 871 9341.



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About Enersinc

Enersinc is a consulting firm that specializes in the development of solutions for the energy sector, elaboration and application of optimization models, as well as advising governments and market participants regarding criteria decisions, regulatory changes, and economic evaluations. For more information, please visit http://enersinc.com/.



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