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OneChronos: Using Optimization and Combinatorial Auctions to Innovate Modern Trading

With Gurobi, OneChronos brings their ‘Smart Market’ up to the speed, scale, and resiliency of the U.S. equities market to better meet the needs of...

Case Study

Pharmaceuticals: Using Optimization to Mitigate Risks Across Global Supply Chains

With ICRON’s Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning & Optimization solutions and the solving power of Gurobi, a multinational pharmaceutical company...

Case Study

KLM-BCG: Using Optimization to Navigate a Turbulent Planning Horizon

With Gurobi, KLM is able to calculate projected crew needs 3-5 years into the future, within a fraction of the time legacy systems required.

Case Study

Metallurgical Additives Producer: Achieving Faster Resource Optimization and an Estimated $1.5M in Annual Savings

Gurobi enables a producer of metallurgical additives to create optimized aluminum blends within minutes, replacing a manual process that took days.

Case Study

Fonterra: Creating Optimal Product Mixes for Each Day’s Unique Dairy Supply

With help from Gurobi, Fonterra uses their new planning model to sustainably produce nearly a third of the world’s dairy exports.

Case Study

Automation Intelligence: Bridging the Gap Between Automation and Optimization

With Gurobi, Automation Intelligence optimizes industrial automation to help their customers realize operational efficiencies across their supply...

Case Study

Audi: Solving Complex Logistics Challenges in Seconds

Audi transformed a three-week manual planning effort into an automated solution.

Case Study

J-POWER: Navigating Increased Complexity in Renewable Energy

As the Japanese energy industry transitions to renewables, J-POWER leverages Gurobi to match supply with demand.

Case Study

Decide4AI: Using AI and Optimization to Implement Innovative Solutions

With Gurobi, Decide4AI helps their customers tap into their optimization potential and unlock more lucrative opportunities.

Case Study

SESCO: Optimizing Energy Trading Portfolios

With support from Gurobi, SESCO simulates market dynamics to determine optimal energy pricing.

Case Study

Workforce Analytics: Solving the Complex Challenges of Workforce Management

With Gurobi, Workforce Analytics helps their clients reach maximum sales potential by ensuring optimal resource allocation

Case Study

Water Corporation: Solving Climate-Related Supply Problems One Drop at a Time

With Gurobi, Water Corporation makes the most of limited resources to keep up with customer demand and comply with new regulations.

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