Download the Latest
Version of Gurobi

Gurobi Optimizer

Download the Gurobi Optimizer and the Gurobi Compute Server package.

Gurobi Solver for AMPL

Gurobi Solver for AMPL is the set of tools to add Gurobi Solver to an existing AMPL installation.

AMPL and Gurobi

AMPL-Gurobi includes both the AMPL modeling system and the Gurobi Solver for AMPL.

Gurobi Optimization on Docker Hub

You can now access Gurobi Optimizer and Gurobi Jupyter Notebook Modeling Examples on Docker Hub, a library and community for container images.

Gurobi Licensing

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Access Your Licenses

You can access your existing licenses by clicking on the appropriate link below. To purchase either a commercial Gurobi License or hours on the Gurobi Cloud, please contact Gurobi Sales.

Your Gurobi Licenses

You can access your complete list of licenses in the Gurobi User Portal.

Your Gurobi Instant Cloud Licenses

You can access your complete list of Gurobi Instant Cloud licenses in the Gurobi Cloud Manager.

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Request a License

Please click the link for the type of license you’d like to request. Need help choosing? Please contact Gurobi Sales.

Commercial Evaluation License

Try Gurobi for free for 30 days. This full-featured evaluation license includes benchmarking, model tuning, and support services, as well as a free two-hour consultation session.

Academic Licenses

Whether for use in class or research, academics can use Gurobi Optimizer at no cost. Get all the same Gurobi features and performance, with no limits on model size.

Online Course License

If you’d like to learn to use Gurobi, but you don’t meet our academic program qualification requirements, you can sign up for our free Gurobi Online Course License. It has limited capabilities (max 2000 decision variables and 2000 constraints)—but it is robust enough for new learners.

Request a Cloud Trial

Try Gurobi in the cloud for free for up to 20 hours. Our Cloud Trial license includes the same features and services as our Commercial Evaluation License, but in an on-demand, cloud-based environment.