Simplify the Complexity

Seamlessly offload your optimization computations onto one or more dedicated optimization servers grouped in a cluster.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Advanced Queueing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Security and Efficiency
  • Clustering and Management
  • Responsive, Expert Support
  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    With our library, you can use existing interfaces to write a single program to run locally or offload computations to one or more Gurobi Compute Servers.

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Advanced Queueing

    Advanced Queueing

    Users and applications can share servers thanks to our advanced queuing and load-balancing capabilities.

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Fault Tolerance

    Fault Tolerance

    Built-in fault tolerance means that, if a server goes offline, the remaining servers will continue to operate unimpeded.

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Security and Efficiency

    Security and Efficiency

    Compute Server uses HTTP or HTTPS for improved security, ease of deployment, and robustness. It also performs on-the-fly data compression to reduce the volume of transmitted data.

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Clustering and Management

    Clustering and Management

    Gurobi Compute Server provides enhanced clustering and management capabilities, including:

    • Cluster Manager: The Cluster Manager can be installed with Gurobi Compute Server nodes. It provides better security with user authentication and API keys and expands the capabilities of the cluster nodes with unified management of interactive and noninteractive optimization tasks.
    • Non-Interactive Solve (Batch Mode) and APls: With the Cluster Manager, users can build an optimization model locally, submit it as a noninteractive optimization task, and then disconnect from the server. Once the batch is completed, the user can retrieve the results.
    • Web User Interface: Users can easily monitor and administrate user accounts, cluster nodes, jobs, and batches in the Cluster Manager. Users can also submit batches from files using a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Gurobi Optimizer Delivers Responsive, Expert Support

    Responsive, Expert Support

    Our PhD-level experts are here when you need them—ready to provide comprehensive guidance and technical support. They bring deep expertise in working with commercial models and are there to assist you throughout the process of implementing and using Gurobi.

    • Tap into our team’s deep expertise—from implementation to tuning and more.
    • We respond to customer inquiries in hours not days, helping to quickly resolve any issues you’re facing.
    • We can help you fit and adapt your mathematical optimization application to your changing requirements.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Advanced Queueing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Security and Efficiency
  • Clustering and Management
  • Responsive, Expert Support

Easily build and deploy modern optimization applications across servers—with advanced queuing, load balancing, monitoring, and management capabilities.

We Make It Easy

Support for Multiple Platforms

Run Gurobi Compute Server on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Furthermore, clients don’t need to run the same operating system as the Gurobi Compute Server.

Straightforward Licensing

A Compute Server can support an unlimited number of clients, and no client licenses are required. Simply point your client application at a Compute Server and you are ready to go.

Quick Set-Up

On your own machine, just install Gurobi and start the Compute Server process. With Gurobi Cloud, simply follow our step-by-step instructions to sign up for an account and choose the plan and number of machines you want to use. Get started with our free trial.

Your Choice of Deployment Options

Run Gurobi Compute Server on your own server or in the cloud. Or purchase licenses for use on your own servers, on Gurobi Instant Cloud, or you can use a mixture of both.

  • Distributed Optimization
  • On-Prem Deployments
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Container Deployments
  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Distributed Optimization

    Distributed Optimization

    Some optimization models solve 15 times faster with 32 machines, and speed-ups of 2-3x are common with eight machines. Gurobi offers three distributed algorithms:

    • Distributed MIP – Multiple machines work together to solve a single MIP model
    • Distributed Concurrent – Multiple machines use different algorithmic strategies to race to solve an LP or MIP model
    • Distributed Tuning – Multiple machines do experimental solves to find parameter settings that improve performance

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers On-Prem Deployments

    On-Prem Deployments

    You can install Gurobi Compute Server on your on-prem machines running Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Cloud Deployments

    Cloud Deployments

    Gurobi Instant Cloud is built on Gurobi Compute Server—so you can get quick access to Compute Servers on powerful machines. We handle all the details, and you just choose how many machines you want to use.

  • Gurobi Compute Server Delivers Container Deployments

    Container Deployments

    Gurobi introduced its Web License Service (WLS) for Docker and Kubernetes container environments with the release of Gurobi 9.5. With Gurobi 10.0, the team expanded WLS to support nearly all types of containerized environments. Moreover, customers can now also obtain WLS licenses that allow users to run Gurobi in virtually all deployment scenarios, including containerized environments, virtual machines, and bare-metal machines, on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Compared to other licensing options, WLS provides unique advantages for some use cases because:

    • It does not require the installation of any licensing tools on the client.
    • It is scalable and available out of the box using multiple worldwide servers.
    • It is dynamic and does not require you to register the container hosts.

  • Distributed Optimization
  • On-Prem Deployments
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Container Deployments

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