Optimization for the Greater Good

At Gurobi, we believe in giving back. That’s why we offer free, full-featured Gurobi licenses for a select number of qualifying non-profit organizations each year.

If you are chosen to participate in this program, you’ll get all the same Gurobi features and performance that our commercial customers enjoy—with no limits on model size. And it’s all at no cost to you or your organization.


Let’s make the world a better place, one optimal decision at a time.
  • Your organization must be officially recognized as a tax-exempt organization in a country in which we operate.
  • We grant licenses to non-profit organizations with a mission supporting one of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals.


How to Apply

Start today by emailing us at gurobigivesback@gurobi.com with your interest, a paragraph defining your organizational mission, and no more than 500 words (or a recorded presentation) describing your optimization project.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility team will respond and will let you know if you’ve been selected.


Program Spotlight: ESUPS

Distribution of relief items in Kenya. Dickerhof/Welthungerhilfe

ESUPS (Emergency Supply Pre-Positioning Strategy) is a humanitarian logistics and preparedness project hosted by Welthungerhilfe that aims to reduce gaps and overlaps in emergency preparedness, while improving coordination among humanitarian actors so aid can be allocated more efficiently.

In their work to improve the pre-positioning of humanitarian aid, ESUPS uses mathematical optimization to ensure that the appropriate relief items (such as blankets, tents, clothes, hygiene kits, sleeping mats, and kitchen items) are stored in the right places and in the right quantities, before a disaster hits.

Through the Gurobi Gives Back social partner program, ESUPS receives free, full-featured Gurobi licenses and access to the Gurobi Experts team to support its mission.

Read the ESUPS Story

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