For Online Courses

Gurobi for Online CoursesWe know taking an online course can be a great way to refresh some existing skills and add new ones. That's why we offer a full-featured named-user online course version of Gurobi for use by students taking online courses, such as those offered through Coursera.


Optimization-related Online Courses

There are multiple courses offered by Coursera that are focused on Optimization. Recent examples have included:

  • Discrete Optimization, with Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck
  • Linear and Discrete Optimization, with Friedrich Eisenbrand
  • Linear and Integer Programming, with Sriram Sankaranarayanan & Shalom D. Ruben

Visit Coursera and search for "Optimization" to see what upcoming courses are available.

You are welcome to use the completely free named-user online course version of Gurobi with your online course. This version has modest model size limits of 2000 decision variables and 2000 constraints, and can be activated outside of a university network, such as at your home or work.

For the named-user online course license, please click the button below to register, if you haven't already, and then visit our online course download page once you have logged in.