Optimization Modeling: The Art of Not Making It An Art

Embracing optimization as a structured, disciplined science, infused with creativity yet grounded in methodical best practices.

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Hidden Gems: Advanced Modeling Features

From optimizing multiple objectives to dealing with infeasibility, Gurobi’s advanced modeling tools are here to help.

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Experience the Power of Mathematical Optimization

Try our optimization application demos to see how quickly Gurobi solves complex real-world problems.

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Recommended Books, Blogs, and More

Enrich your understanding of mathematical optimization and its real-world applications.

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Effective Business Communication Through Stochastic Programming

Bridging the language gap for non-technical decision-makers.

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Creating Supply Chain Resilience with Mathematical Optimization

Drive greater supply chain efficiency and profitability, while building a stronger and more resilient supply chain for the future.

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Getting Started with Mathematical Optimization in Python

Our example library gets you up-and-running fast with our Python API.

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Optimizing Rail Track Maintenance Alignment with Gurobi

Optimal Solutions leverages advanced optimization techniques, resulting in increased throughput, enhanced reliability, and minimized disruptions.

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Three Practical Tips For Designing a More Resilient Supply Chain

In addition to focusing on resilience, cost efficiency remains a non-negotiable for supply chain executives

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Mathematical Optimization, Network Interdiction, and Forest Fire Prevention

Discover how mathematical optimization can be applied to reduce wildfire hazard in forest landscapes.

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Optimization Gamification: Introducing the Gurobipy Card Game

Learn the basic building blocks needed for optimization modeling with Gurobi in Python.

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