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Power and Utilities

Advanced Microgrid Solutions: Reducing Customer Electric Bills

See how AMS utilizes Gurobi to efficiently allocate power within their analytics platform, taking under consideration forecast demand, physical, and economic constraints.

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Air France: Tail Assignment Optimization

See how Air France estimates they are saving around 1% of the fuel costs with huge volumes for the entire fleet.

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Power and Utilities

Alpiq: Keeping Hydroelectric Power Flowing

Hydropower is the number one renewable energy source in the world—and the backbone of Swiss electricity. For more than a century, energy producer Alpiq has used hydropower to generate climate-friendly, sustainable electricity across Europe.

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Supply Chain

Arauco: Supply Chain Planning Optimization

To rise above the challenges and complexity of the wood industry and reach their business goals, wood producers must be able to accurately forecast demand, manage raw material supply as well as production and distribution operations, and make integrated, optimal plans and decisions.

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Financial Services

Arute Solutions: Cash+ Keeps ATMs Optimally Stocked

Discover how Cash+ by Arute Solutions helps banks deliver the right cash, at the right time, to the right ATMs

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Audi: Solving Complex Logistics Challenges in Seconds

Audi transformed a three-week manual planning effort into an automated solution.

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Automation Intelligence: Bridging the Gap Between Automation and Optimization

With Gurobi, Automation Intelligence optimizes industrial automation to help their customers realize operational efficiencies across their supply chains.

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Power and Utilities

Avista: Maximizing the Value of Utility Options

Discover how the Avista Decision Support System, powered by Gurobi, solves complex utility problems in seconds.

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Consumer Products

Birchbox: Subscription Box Service Optimization

See how e-commerce company Birchbox uses mathematical optimization to drive greater efficiency and revenue growth.

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Retail and Consumer Products

Blue Yonder: Retail Pricing Decisions

See how Blue Yonder uses machine learning and math programming to deliver daily, automated retail pricing decisions.

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Advertising and Marketing

Brain Pad: Online Advertising Optimization

See how in only 10 minutes, rather than the hour an alternative took, Gurobi optimizes online search advertising across millions of keywords.

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Campify: Optimizing Camp Schedules

Discover how Campify provides its clients with a faster, more efficient way to create camp event schedules.

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