INDUSTRY: Consulting

REGION: Europe, Americas



In their work as an AI consultancy company, Decide4AI comes across many businesses with untapped optimization potential.


Using Gurobi’s advanced optimization technology, Decide4AI helps their customers realize that potential and uncover new opportunities.

Gurobi Alliance – Decide4AI with Arjen Heeres

Contributed by: Arjen Heeres, CEO, Decide4AI, A Gurobi Alliance Partner

I’ve been working for about 20 years in planning and optimization, and what I’ve seen in virtually every vertical is that there is a lot of untapped optimization potential. Many companies don’t even know how much optimization potential they have.

My mission, and the mission of my company, is to go to those companies, find that untapped potential, and help them to implement optimization solutions. To do so, we like to work with the best optimization technology—and that’s why we work with Gurobi.

Decide4AI is in the business of implementing advanced analytics solutions, including optimization and data science solutions. We have customers in retail, as well as energy—especially renewable energy. We are also doing some projects across logistics and manufacturing, so we have quite a wide portfolio.

Working jointly with Gurobi, we offer solutions that help our customers become more profitable, more customer-oriented, and more competitive in their respective industries.

We use Gurobi because we believe it’s a stable, robust, and scalable solution that helps us to tap into all that potential in our customer organizations.

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