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As a producer of metallurgical additives for steelmaking, Aimpoint Digital’s client must mix various raw materials to create blends that meet their clients’ specific needs. Identifying the right blends via complex Excel workflows was a highly manual process that took several days each month.


After turning the customer’s needs into constraints in a mathematical model and using Gurobi to solve, Aimpoint Digital has helped the manufacturer achieve $1.5M in annual savings while also making their production process more user-friendly and faster—with solve times in under a few minutes.
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Many companies recognize the value of using data analytics in their operations, but knowing where and how to start can be a challenge—especially with so many different technologies available on the market.

That’s where analytics consultants like Aimpoint Digital step in. They help their clients get the most out of their technology investments—whether they are integrating self-service analytics, implementing AI at scale, or modernizing their infrastructure environments.

Thanks to Aimpoint Digital’s partnership with Gurobi, Aimpoint’s customers—like a producer of metallurgical additives for clean steelmaking—can access cutting-edge tools supported by mathematical optimization. This enables customers to turn raw data sources into actionable information quickly, leading to better decision-making.


Optimizing Complex Workflows for Better Results

Aimpoint Digital’s customer combines raw materials to create mixtures that match their clients’ requirements. Until a few years ago, they used complex Excel workflows to determine the right blends. This manual process required several days of work each month before they could share the formulas with their production team.

While that system got the job done, few people knew how it worked. The customer wanted to simplify the process so others could learn the ropes. Aimpoint Digital was ready to help them streamline.

“I think an important part of optimization, as with almost any tool, is leaving the process a little bit simpler than what you started with,” says Linlin Yang, Principal Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital. “So, I tried to put myself in our customer’s shoes and asked myself how I would want the tool to work, and from there we found ways to simplify and make the process more user-friendly.”

Seeing the opportunities for improvement, Aimpoint Digital turned the customer’s needs into constraints in a mathematical model, which they then used Gurobi to solve.


Spreading the Benefits of Mathematical Optimization

“There’s a myth that you need to have everything in place in order to do optimization—that you need to have a data warehouse, you need to have your predictive models, you need to have machine learning down pat,” explains Yash Puranik, Principal Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital. “And that wasn’t true for our customer. They didn’t have a data warehouse at the time, but they did have a specific need that could be addressed with optimization, by Gurobi.”

Puranik believes this is a common theme for many small- to medium-sized businesses.

“Bigger companies are usually the ones with the funds and resources for more advanced tools. But small- and medium-sized companies have important problems too, which optimization can help solve,” he says. “Our job is to present the results in such a way that makes sense to them, and then we can support them through their journey with optimization.”

By using Gurobi to solve their clients’ technical and practical constraints, Aimpoint Digital brings the benefits of mathematical optimization to many of those smaller businesses that might not have considered the technology otherwise.


Saving Valuable Time with Gurobi

Through their partnership with Gurobi, Aimpoint Digital helps companies save critical time and resources while streamlining their workflows.

The metallurgical additive producer used to spend three to five days each month working on models. Now, with a model powered by Gurobi, they can get the answers they need in less than a minute.

In addition, these optimized solutions have led to savings that equal an estimated $1.5 million each year.

Not only has the partnership between Aimpoint Digital and Gurobi resulted in significant savings—it’s also helped Aimpoint Digital make their tools and processes more user-friendly. This has made the solution accessible to more people, including those with non-technical backgrounds.

As a partner, Aimpoint Digital appreciates the continuous improvements and support offered by Gurobi, which they can pass on to their own customers.

“We’ve received great support from Gurobi, and the support of the Gurobi Experts team has also been extremely helpful, especially when there are very niche needs that we need to dig into a bit deeper for our clients,” says Yang.

The passion behind the Gurobi/Aimpoint Digital partnership is a key driver of constant innovation for both parties.

“There is a clear desire and determination to work together and solve some of the most complex challenges so we can drive greater value for our clients and customers,” says Puranik. “That passion is equally strong on both sides.”


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