About Gurobi

We are focused on providing the fastest mathematical optimization solver, along with outstanding support and flexible pricing.

How was Gurobi founded?

Co-founder and Advisor Robert Bixby, PhD, explains how Gurobi was founded and its three guiding principles.

Our Mission

Gurobi strives to help companies make better decisions through the use of prescriptive analytics. We provide the best math programming solver, tools for distributed optimization, optimization in the cloud, and outstanding support. We are committed to improving our solver performance and developing tools to help you use Gurobi with more ease. Founded in 2008 by arguably the most experienced and respected team in optimization circles, we have successfully expanded to serving over 2,500 companies from a wide range of industries, by way of providing the right mix of advanced developments and technologies, world-class support and flexible licensing.

Our Performance

To deliver the best solver possible, we are constantly looking to push the performance frontier for linear, quadratic, and mixed-integer programming forward. We have, on average, doubled the speed of our solver with each major release. The computational progress over the last 20 years has been nothing short of remarkable; enabling business, scientific and other applications that would have been unapproachable just a few years ago. The Gurobi founders have been at the forefront of these developments. The suite of products we offer represents new implementations, latest mathematical and engineering improvements, and computing hardware and programming environments to help meet the growing demands of business problems.

Our Experience

We have assembled the most experienced development team in the industry to ensure our solvers continuously improve performance and include features that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our support team consists of PhD-level optimization experts, and each of our customers has direct access to quick and reliable answers to help you with your model or business problem.


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  • How Gurobi can empower your company to make optimal, data-driven decisions and achieve your business objectives.




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