More and more companies are choosing Gurobi

When you offer industry-leading performance and outstanding support good things are bound to happen both to you and your customers. That’s why more and more companies are either adding Gurobi to their existing tool set or switching to use Gurobi exclusively. Today more than 2,400 companies have chosen to use the Gurobi Optimizer. Here is just a sample of leading companies who are now Gurobi customers.

See For Yourself

Feel free to explore our site or call us directly. We’re happy to answer any questions and discuss how the Gurobi Optimizer can help you better meet your goals. You may also be interested in:

Commercial License

Commercial Users: Gurobi allows you to try a free, full-featured, commercial evaluation license for 30 days. During that time, you’ll also get:

  • Free benchmarking services
  • Free model tuning services
  • Access to Gurobi’s world-class technical support
  • Two free hours of one-on-one consulting services

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Note to Academic Users: Academic users at recognized degree-granting institutions should get a free academic license instead and not a commercial evaluation license.

Evaluation licenses are reserved for our commercial users who first want to verify it fits with their needs.

Students, teachers and researchers can quickly secure a free academic license.

You can get your free license and learn about our academic program here.

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