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Batch Status Codes

All batches have a current status, which is queried through the BatchStatus attribute on a Batch object. The attribute takes an integer value, but we recommend that you use one of the predefined status constants to check the status in your program. Each code has a name, and each language requires a prefix on this name to obtain the appropriate constant. You would access status code COMPLETED in the following ways from the available Gurobi interfaces:

Language Status Code
Java GRB.BatchStatus.COMPLETED

In MATLAB and R, batch status codes are returned as strings (e.g. 'BATCH_COMPLETED').

Possible batch status codes are as follows:

Status code Value Description
CREATED 1 Batch was created, but is not ready to be scheduled.
 The batch has been completely specified, and is waiting for a job to finish  
 processing the request.  
ABORTED 3 Batch processing was aborted by the user.
FAILED 4 Batch processing failed.
COMPLETED 5 A Batch Job successfully processed the Batch request.

See the Batch Optimization section for more details.

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