Strategy for handling non-convex quadratic programs
  Type: int
  Default value: -1
  Minimum value: -1
  Maximum value: 2

Sets the strategy for handling non-convex quadratic objectives or non-convex quadratic constraints. With setting 0, an error is reported if the original user model contains non-convex quadratic constructs, except for Q matrix linearization controlled by the PreQLinearize parameter. With setting 1, an error is reported if non-convex quadratic constructs could not be discarded or linearized during presolve. With setting 2, non-convex quadratic problems are solved by means of translating them into bilinear form and applying spatial branching. The default -1 setting is currently equivalent to 1, and may change in future releases to be equivalent to 2.

Note: Only affects QP, QCP, MIQP, and MIQCP models

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