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Appendix F: gurobi_cl

  gurobi_cl --help                             Display usage
  gurobi_cl [flags] [param=value]* filename    Optimize a model file
  gurobi_cl [flags]                            Execute a command

Gurobi parameters are documented in the Gurobi Reference Manual.

Flags can be set using --flag=value or the short form -f=value if defined.
A boolean flag can be enabled using --flag or the short form -f if defined.

  -h, --help             Display usage
      --license          Display license information
  -t, --tokens           List license tokens currently in use
  -v, --version          Display version information

Compute Server and Cluster Manager Flags:
      --group=string     Cluster group placement, overrides license file GROUP
      --manager=string   Cluster Manager URL, overrides license file CSMANAGER
  -p, --password=string  Password, overrides license file PASSWORD
                           (default "pass")
      --priority=int     Job priority, overrides license file PRIORITY
                           (default 0, min -100, max 100)
  -r, --router=string    Router URL, overrides license file property ROUTER
  -s, --server=string    Cluster representative node address,
                           overrides license file COMPUTESERVER
      --tls-insecure     Skip TLS certificate verification,
                           overrides license file CSTLSINSECURE
      --username=string  Username for Cluster Manager authentication
                           overrides license file USERNAME

Instant Cloud Flags:
      --accessid=string  Access ID, overrides license file CLOUDACCESSID
      --secretkey=string Secret Key, overrides license file CLOUDKEY
      --pool=string      Pool name, overrides license file POOL

If a valid Gurobi license file is accessible at the predefined locations or
using the variable GRB_LICENSE_FILE, the license file will provide default
values for some connection parameters (server, password, router). If the
license file references a Gurobi Instant Cloud pool, it will resolve the
connection parameters of the pool.

The server URL can also specify the protocol and the port:                   Use HTTP on standard port 80             Use HTTP on port 61000           Use HTTPS on standard port 443     Use HTTPS on port 61000

If you wish to get the status of your Compute Server cluster, list the nodes
and the jobs, or check the status of your licenses, please use the grbccluster
command-line tool. To learn more about grbcluster, type the following command:
  grbcluster --help

gurobi_cl is compatible with standard proxy settings using environment
variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY. HTTPS_PROXY takes precedence over
HTTP_PROXY for https requests. The values may be either a complete URL or
a "host[:port]", in which case the "http" scheme is assumed.

  gurobi_cl misc07.mps
  gurobi_cl Record=1 Method=2 ResultFile=p0033.sol InputFile=p0033.mst \
            InputFile=p0033.hnt.gz LogFile=p0033.log p0033.mps
  gurobi_cl --password=pass misc07.mps

Visit for further details on how
to use this program.

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