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Cluster Manager Server (grb_rsm)

You will need to choose one or more machines to act as your Cluster Manager(s). The primary tasks of the Cluster Manager are to provide an API gateway to the cluster and to manage cluster nodes. The Cluster Manager also acts as a web server for the Web User Interface. The cluster manager must be reachable on your network from all client machines and from all cluster nodes.

You will need to run the Cluster Manager executable (grb_rsm) on your Cluster Manager(s). If you wish to set up a scalable and high-available deployment, you can install and start several instances of the server and place a load balancer such as Nginx in front of these servers.

The grb_rsm executable provides several commands and flags to help with configuration and execution. We will review these commands step by step in the following sections. You can see the full list of commands in the reference section or by using the command-line help:

> grb_rsm --help

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