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Cluster REST API

Gurobi Remote Services also expose a REST API to support advanced integration and monitoring. The API follows standard REST principles and can be used from a variety languages and tools (Java, Python, Node, curl, ...).

If you are using a self-managed cluster (without a Cluster Manager), the REST API is provided by the nodes of the cluster and is fairly basic. It covers monitoring functions only, providing information on the nodes and the jobs processed by the cluster.

To access an API endpoint, you will also need to provide the access password in the header X-GUROBI-CSPASSWORD. Some endpoints are restricted and the administrator password will be required. Detailed, interactive documentation is available in Swagger format, and can be accessed directly from a cluster node. For example:


If you are using a Cluster Manager, a more extensive REST API is provided that covers not only the monitoring of nodes and jobs, but also the management of users, batches and repository files. In fact, all of the functions exposed by grbcluster are supported. Some endpoints are restricted, and administrator or system administrator authentication will be required. You can generate API keys and pass the access ID and the secret key in the X-GUROBI-ACCESS-ID X-GUROBI-SECRET-KEY headers respectively. Complete Swagger documentation is available in the Cluster Manager Web User Interface (in the Help section).

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