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To use Gurobi, you need to first download the software and then get a license key.

Note: If you are a commercial user interested in a free evaluation version of Gurobi, please visit our Evaluation Request page.

Download the latest version of Gurobi Optimizer

Download the Latest Version of Gurobi

To download the Gurobi Solver, you need to be logged in. First register, if you don't already have an account, and then login, if you are not already logged in.

To get Gurobi, click on the Gurobi Solver link below. If you would like to use Gurobi from within AMPL, click one of the two AMPL links below or learn more on our AMPL Software page.

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Get the Right License

You can access your existing licenses by clicking on the appropriate blue button below. You can use the red buttons to request a free evaluation license or obtain either a free academic license or a free, size-limited, online course license.

To purchase either a commercial Gurobi License or hours on the Gurobi Cloud, please contact Gurobi Sales.

Platform Support: The Gurobi Optimizer works across a broad range of computing platforms so you can work the way you want to work. A complete list of supported platforms is available on our Supported Platforms page.

Technical Support: If you run into any issues, we are happy to assist with the installation and licensing process. Please submit a case on the Gurobi Support Portal.