Your first step in using version 10.0.3 of the Gurobi Optimizer is to download the appropriate distribution for your platform:

Gurobi-10.0.3-win64.msi: 64-bit Windows installer
gurobi10.0.3_linux64.tar.gz: 64-bit Linux distribution
gurobi10.0.3_armlinux64.tar.gz: 64-bit Arm Linux distribution
gurobi10.0.3_macos_universal2.pkg 64-bit universal2 macOS distribution (M1/M2 or Intel)
gurobi10.0.3_power64.tar.gz: 64-bit AIX distribution

If you have installed a previous version of the Gurobi Optimizer, we recommend that you uninstall it before installing this version.

For Windows and Mac users, you can simply double-click on the installer once you have downloaded it. It will guide you through the installation process.

For Linux and AIX users, you will first need to choose an install location (we recommend /opt for a shared installation). You can then copy the Gurobi distribution to that location and do a, e.g., for x86_x64 Linux ‘tar xvfz gurobi10.0.3_linux64.tar.gz’ to extract the Gurobi files. Please check our supported platform list (in the Release Notes or on our web site) to make sure that your operating system is supported.

Once the Gurobi files have been installed, your next step is to consult the Release Notes and the Knowledge Base. The Release Notes are accessible from the following locations:

Windows: c:\gurobi1003\win64\ReleaseNotes.html
Linux (x86_64): /opt/gurobi1003/linux64/ReleaseNotes.html
Linux (arm64): /opt/gurobi1003/armlinux64/ReleaseNotes.html
Mac universal2: /Library/gurobi1003/macos_universal2/ReleaseNotes.html
AIX: /opt/gurobi1003/power64/ReleaseNotes.html

The Knowledge Base provides instructions for obtaining and installing your Gurobi Optimizer license. The Release Notes contain information about this release, as well as a link to the Knowledge Base.

If you already have a Gurobi Version 10 license (in file ‘gurobi.lic’), and you would like to store it in the default location, you should copy the file to c:/gurobi1003 on Windows, /opt/gurobi1002 on (x64 or arm64) Linux or AIX, or /Library/gurobi1003 on Mac.

Note that, due to limited Python support on AIX, our AIX port does not include the Interactive Shell or the Python interface. We also don’t provide an R interface on AIX.

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