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Gurobi Optimizer Versions:

Gurobi Optimizer v6.0.5

Bug Fixes

  • Floating licenses now support distributed optimization
  • Added support for R 3.2 (and dropped support for R 3.0)
  • Added support for MATLAB R2015a
  • Dropped support for OS X 10.7
  • Fixed an issue in installing the Python interface on Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Added QConstr.get() to the object oriented interfaces
  • Fixed an issue in the Python interface where tuplelist.pop could lead to an infinite recursion
  • Added a few missing parameter/attribute constants to the Python interface
  • Fixed an issue in compute server that could lead to a stack overflow with JRockit JVM’s small default stack size
  • Fixed an issue in barrier where models with large negative objectives could be incorrectly classified as infeasible
  • Fixed an issue where the best bound in the log could be wrong on models with disconnected components
  • Fixed an issue creating nodefile directories on models with disconnected components
  • Fixed a segfault in primal simplex
  • Fixed an issue when translating MIQP maximization models with nonconvex objectives and bounded integer variables
  • Fixed a bug in the parallel column presolve reduction that could lead to incorrect results
  • Fixed a bug in presolve where unscaled violations were incorrectly used instead of scaled violations
  • Fixed an issue with ScaleFlag=2 that could lead to inconsistent results when solving a model multiple times
  • Fixed an issue where calling update and reset on models with piecewise-linear objectives could lead to a crash
  • Fixed an issue where constants in the objectives were not correctly updated when the model’s sense was changed
  • Added support for SI keyword for semi-integer variables in MPS files
  • Fixed a bug in quadratic cuts for models with quadratic constraints
  • Increased limits on length of command line parameters and lines in license file

Gurobi Optimizer v6.0.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in distributed MIP where the cutoff was not respected
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Python interface when callbacks are used
  • Fixed an issue in the LU factorization
  • Fixed a bug in the MIR cut separation routine
  • Added –port flag to gurobi_cl for specifying Compute Server port
  • Fixed an issue where lazy constraints were ignored in an unusual case
  • Improved support for unicode strings in Python 2.7 interface
  • Fixed a bug in the symmetry detection code
  • Fixed an issue in Compute Server when client had more than 1024 open files
  • Fixed a performance issue in GRBaddqconstr

Gurobi Optimizer v6.0.3

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the linearization of MIQCP with quadratic matrix that is non-PSD
  • Modified the QP syntax for the R interface so that it solves min c’x + 1/2 x’Qx
  • Fixed an issue where GRBgetttuneresult modified the TimeLimit parameter
  • Python LinExpr() now supports generator expressions
  • Fixed an issue when setting the LogFileName for the compute server
  • Fixed an issue for models containing both a piecewise linear objective and quadratic constraints
  • Fixed the reading of QCMatrix section in MPS files
  • Fixed an issue when mixing 32-bit and 64-bit machines in distributed MIP
  • MPS reader now passes SOS data to compute server
  • Fixed a memory issue when re-optimizing a MIP
  • Fixed a license key issue in multi-threaded application

Gurobi Optimizer v6.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for Python 3.4 on Windows and Linux
  • Added support for alternative Python distributions on Mac OS X
  • Improved robustness when network connections to remote workers are lost
  • Improved initialization of WorkerPassword parameter from compute server password
  • Fixed a bug in primal simplex when a singular basis is encountered on models with large aspect ratios
  • Fixed an issue for models with piecewise-linear objectives and quadratic constraints
  • Fixed an issue in presolve for models with quadratic equality constraints
  • Fixed an issue where the distributed tuner ignored Ctrl-C
  • Improved error checking for invalid constraint senses
  • Fixed an issue with the GRBsvec struct in the user-callable advanced simplex routines
  • Reject ‘!=’ constraints in Python interface
  • Support LinExpr([]) in Python
  • Fix an underallocation issue for MIQCP models when using lazy constraints
  • Fix a bad CB_RUNTIME return value from the MESSAGE callbac

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