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The grbgetkey command requires an active internet connection. If your computer has no internet access, or you get no response or an error message such as “Unable to contact key server”, Please click here for additional instructions.


Additional Instructions

To install a license key automatically, the grbgetkey program needs to be able to communicate with the Gurobi website ( It may fail if the computer:

  • has no Internet connection
  • has restricted access due to a firewall
  • uses a proxy server


Alternately, here are manual instructions to obtain or update a license key file for your computer.

  1. Run the grbprobe command on the computer where the license will be installed.
  2. Complete the following form using the output from the grbprobe command:
    No ID is set


  1. Click here to download the gurobi.lic file to your computer.
  2. Move the gurobi.lic file as explained in the Quick Start Guide.