Academic Webinar: Modern Power System Operation and Planning Under the Optimization Lens

January 19, 2022

Academic Webinar

This webinar is the first in the all-new webinar series where members of the academic, customer and partner communities will be joining Gurobi to share cutting edge research and innovative applications of Gurobi in their problem solving.

Dr. Alireza Soroudi, Lecturer of Power Systems in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University College Dublin, will kick off the first quarterly academic webinar of 2022 with a talk and tutorial focused on Modern Power System Operation.



Power system operators deal with a huge number of questions and challenges to keep the system efficient and secure.

These challenges have become more intense with new decarbonization targets as well as the high penetration level of RES.

Optimization tools are vital to support complex decision making in keeping the lights on.

This seminar will shed some lights on the applications of optimization tools in addressing the classic and modern challenges in power system operation and planning.


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