KDD 2019 Conference

August 3 - 9, 2019, Anchorage, Alaska

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Conference 2019

Mathematical Optimization: Bringing better decisions to Data Science

As a data scientist, Machine Learning can be an amazing technology for predicting likely future business outcomes. But if you want to take the appropriate actions in order to take advantage of those likely future outcomes, you’re going to need the help of Mathematical Optimization.

Gurobi, the world’s fastest Mathematical Optimization solver, lets users state their toughest business problems as Mathematical Optimization models, then finds the best solution out of a mind-numbing amount of possibilities.

See how leading companies around the world use the Gurobi Mathematical Optimization solver to set efficient schedules, optimally assign resources, and save millions of dollars in industries such as logistics, transportation, energy, supply chain, IT and more.

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