Tech Talk – Converting Weak to Strong MIP Formulations Part II

June 15 & 20, 2022

Please join us for an upcoming Tech Talk.

Deploying an optimization application that is used for decision making is one of the most exciting events for any optimization professional. But what if the performance of this application is not good enough? What if the underlying model formulation is weak? In our March 2022 Tech Talk, we discussed how to distinguish weak and strong MIP formulations from the practitioner’s perspective of the physical systems associated with the MIP model and its LP relaxation.

Join us for this Tech Talk, where we will look at three concrete optimization models where we apply the techniques we learned last time to strengthen the formulation to achieve significant speedups. In addition, we will discuss our thought process to show how we arrived at the presented solutions.


There are two sessions to choose from, click below to register:

Wednesday, June 15th at 9am CET

Monday, June 20th at 4pm ET