Webinar – Deploying and Maintaining Optimization Models in Production

June 2, 2022

Please join us for an upcoming webinar.

Carefully considering the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of optimization models is fundamental to ensuring the long-term success of mathematical optimization in practice. We will build on lessons from DevOps and MLOps while highlighting the differences in maintaining optimization models vs. machine learning models or software codebases.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Key OptOps principles and how to apply them to your tech stack
  • How to better manage and realize investments made in optimization models over time
  • The integration of optimization development and maintenance workload into your analytics organization

Join Yash Puranik and Simon Chow – Senior Data Scientists at Aimpoint Digital, in this 60 min webinar to learn more about common deployment methods for optimization models from desktop-based approaches to server-based approaches.

If you can not attend our live session, please register, and we will send the recording afterward.

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Yash Puranik

Senior Data Scientist @Aimpoint Digital

Yash Puranik is a Senior Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital, where he helps clients solve challenging decision-making problems with mathematical optimization. Yash has expertise in the development and implementation of optimization and machine learning algorithms. Yash obtained his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University.

Simon Chow

Senior Data Scientist @Aimpoint Digital

Simon Chow is a Senior Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital with expertise in helping clients build analytics systems leveraging statistics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization. Simon has expertise in building and deploying solutions, from simple POCs to robust production systems. Simon obtained his MS from the Georgia Institute of Technology.