Webinar – Optimization Opportunities in the Steel Industry

June 29, 2022

Please join us for an upcoming webinar.

Steelmaking combines most of the more complex challenges that industries face: from the overall raw material procurement to the production scheduling of a single machine.

In this seminar, we will make a non-exhaustive list of some applications of mathematical programming from the more strategic to the more operational level.
We will illustrate this in a concrete example around raw materials and present a simple model of material requirement planning, solved by the Gurobi Optimizer.

Attendants will get insights about:
● The main challenges that can be solved by mathematical programming
● Concrete applications involving raw material decisions
● Savings estimate

Join Emmanuel Marchal- Managing Partner of Cassotis in this 60 min webinar.

If you can not attend our live session, please register, and we will send the recording afterward.

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Emmanuel Marchal

Managing Partner @ Cassotis

Emmanuel Marchal is Engineer in Applied Mathematics from Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and has more than 15 years of experience in supporting C-level executives in their decision-making. A huge part of his career has been dedicated to optimizing various complex industrial processes. In the steel industry, he has been developing projects in more than 18 steel plants all over the world.