Webinar – Optimizing Non-linear Chemical Engineering Applications

November 4, 2021

Please join us for a webinar with AICHE, the global home for chemical engineers.

In one hour, you’ll be introduced to Gurobi—the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver—and how you can use it to solve problems with non-convex quadratic constraints and objectives. You’ll explore how Gurobi can help you find globally optimal solutions to classic bilinear pooling and blending problems and continuous manufacturing problems. Through a show-and-tell format, you’ll see what Gurobi can do for you and your chemical engineering applications. And, using the classical heat exchanger network optimization as an example, this webinar will bring this powerful tool to life.

Register for this webinar, and you’ll leave with a new understanding of how decision-making based on process data and competing objectives—such as minimizing cost and maximizing reliability—can improve your ability to model and solve the challenges you face as a chemical engineer.

You’ll learn:

      • Why you should use Gurobi in your non-linear chemical engineering applications
      • A new approach to solving your complex, real-world problems
      • The problem with standard math programming tools
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