Webinar Summary

According to Forrester, 70% of financial services organizations are investing in optimization technologies. And 53% plan to use it for even more use cases in the next few years.

Why the widespread interest in a technology many have never heard of? And why do 54% of firms report that optimization is critical to their business?

Leading financial services firms are turning to next-gen AI technologies such as mathematical optimization (MO) and machine learning (ML) to provide analysts with predictive power, and decision-making insights. To understand more, Gurobi commissioned a custom study from Forrester Consulting to understand how decision makers involved with assets, operations, and portfolio risk management are using optimization technologies today.

In this webinar, hear findings from the 2021 Forrester Mathematical Optimization Financial Services Study and insights on how financial institutions are harnessing the power of mathematical optimization to see significant benefits, such as the ability to increase profits and gain competitive advantage.

You’ll learn:

– How today’s financial services firms are using mathematical optimization

– Why this technology empowers greater profitability, a competitive advantage, and operational efficiency

– How to combine mathematical optimization with machine learning

– What mathematical optimization can do for your organization’s decision making


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