Denis Mende’s presentation on “Challenges in Power System Operation” provides a comprehensive exploration of the complexities involved in managing operational congestion within power systems. With a focus on leveraging mathematical optimization techniques, Mende discusses key challenges, methodologies, and outcomes associated with optimizing power system operations amidst the growing integration of renewable energy sources.

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The increasing adoption of renewable energy sources poses significant challenges for power system operators, including managing grid congestion, fluctuating demand, and integrating new infrastructure like HVDC systems and offshore generation. Regulatory changes and decentralized power generation further complicate grid management, necessitating innovative optimization solutions to ensure efficiency and stability.


Mende advocates for a multi-faceted approach centered around mathematical optimization techniques to address these challenges. By modeling the power system and its flexibilities, operators can develop optimization functions that enhance efficiency and grid stability. Tools such as MPL and GAMS, along with various solvers, facilitate data analysis and automate decision-making processes tailored to specific operational needs. Integration with AI and machine learning enables data-driven insights for proactive grid management and decision support.


Through practical examples, Mende illustrates the efficacy of optimization in power system operation. Optimization strategies improve congestion management, assess system flexibility, and reduce grid losses, thereby enhancing overall security and operational efficiency. These solutions seamlessly integrate into existing operational workflows, enabling quicker decision-making and adaptive management in dynamic energy environments. Despite ongoing challenges like nonlinear problem structures, advancements in optimization techniques promise continued innovation and resilience in power system operations.

Denis Mende concludes by emphasizing the pivotal role of mathematical optimization in navigating the complexities of power system operation amidst the energy transition. By leveraging optimization methodologies, operators can effectively manage the integration of renewable energy sources while ensuring reliable and efficient grid performance. As the energy landscape evolves, optimization remains essential for driving innovation and shaping a sustainable future for power systems.

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