Are you enthusiastic about the synergy of operational efficiency and cutting-edge solutions? Join us for an insightful evening as we delve into the intersection of Mathematical Optimization and AI, unraveling the untapped potential that lies at the crossroads of innovation.

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Thursday, 7 March 2024 

17:00 pm to 20:00 pm 

Tivoli Congress Center

Arni Magnussons Gade 2
1577 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Here’s a preview of what we’re planning.


16:30 Arrival & Registration
17:00 Welcome Remarks

Sascha Haake
Sales Director EMEAI, Gurobi Optimization

17:15 Gurobi in the Age of AI – A Technical Exploration

This talk explores how Mathematical Optimization fits into the AI landscape. Academia, professionals and the general public hardly agree about what AI is and what to expect from it. Mathematical Optimization has been adopted into industry and business processes for decades, but compared to the overall AI hype, it is flying under the radar of public attention.

AI and Mathematical Optimization rarely compete and can form a powerful team. We will discuss how AI and Mathematical Optimization can work together and try to foresee a future where AI can help make Mathematical Optimization more accessible.

Lennart Lahrs
Technical Account Manager, Gurobi Optimization

18:00 Maritime Decarbonization – Stimulating the maritime industry’s transition to net-zero emissions

Join us to learn how they are supporting maritime decarbonization by modeling likely transition scenarios towards net-zero emissions for the industry.

Shipping is a hard-to-abate sector and consequently requires new types of fuel and technology to decarbonize. These fuels and technologies have different cost and availability outlooks. Further, the sector is impacted by policy decisions and market dynamics. To combine insights across all the value chain, the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping has developed a simulation model, NavigaTE.

NavigaTE is designed to simulate the transition of the maritime industry. This is done by modeling the decision processes of the different actors along the maritime value chain. A core part of NavigaTE is the fuel selection algorithm which is solved at every time-step using Gurobi’s Linear Programming (LP) Solver.

What decarbonization in shipping could look like
How the maritime industry can leverage modelling and data-driven decisions in its transition to net-zero emissions
How NavigaTE is designed and used to simulate decisions across a diverse group of stakeholders
How an LP solver is used in an unconventional way as part of a larger simulation algorithm
Why Gurobi is necessary in their work

Mathias Hintze, Analyst, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping

Frederik Lehn, Model Developer, Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping

18:30 Closing Remarks and Q&A

Sascha Haake
Sales Director EMEAI, Gurobi Optimization

18:45 Networking Reception
20:00 End of Event

*Agenda is subject to change without prior notice.


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