Webinar: Add Decision Making to Your Databricks Toolkit with Mathematical Optimization

Join us for the webinar “Add Decision Making to your Databricks Toolkit with Mathematical Optimization”, presented by Gurobi Optimization and Aimpoint Digital. Solve the most complex decision intelligence problems at scale by unlocking the potential of mathematical optimization and understand how Databricks, renowned for its machine learning capabilities, can be a catalyst in your journey.

 In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The power of Databricks in handling vast datasets and its seamless integration with machine learning, setting the foundation for robust optimization techniques
  • The value mathematical optimization can bring to decision making and its superiority over heuristic processes
  • The synergy of mathematical optimization and machine learning for enhancing the efficacy and precision of decision support systems

Whether you’re an operations research professional aiming to implement optimization models at scale or a data scientist looking to enhance decision making in your organization, this webinar promises a wealth of knowledge.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in both data science and optimization.

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Add Decision Making to your Databricks Toolkit with Mathematical Optimization
Thursday, October 12th
1:00 PM ET

Meet the Speakers:

Yash Puranik
Principal Data Scientist, Aimpoint Digital

Dr. Yash Puranik brings over 10+ years of experience in addressing clients’ optimization challenges across a multitude of diverse industries. Honored as a Dataiku Neuron and holding advanced certifications in Alteryx and Databricks, Yash is skilled in the implementation of optimization solutions across various enterprise platforms while ensuring their sustained monitoring and maintenance. Yash obtained his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jerry Yurchisin
Data Science Strategist, Gurobi Optimization

Mr. Yurchisin has over ten years’ experience applying operations research, machine learning, statistics, and data visualization to improve decision making. Before joining Gurobi, Jerry (who also goes by Jerome) was a Senior Consultant at OnLocation, Inc., where he tailored linear programming models in the National Energy Modeling System and provided data analysis to evaluate energy policies and new technologies. Prior to OnLocation, Jerry was an Operations Research Analyst & Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, Jerry crafted scheduling and staffing integer programming models for the US Coast, lead projects on quantifying risks for offshore energy installations, and developed technical analyses for multiple Coast Guard studies. Jerry’s commitment to education is evident through his extensive experience teaching mathematics and statistics at the college level. Outside of work, he indulges in golf, biking, and writing about sports analytics. Jerry holds B.S., Ed. and M.S., Mathematics degrees from Ohio University and an M.S. in Operations Research and Statistics from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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