The game that introduces players to the power of optimization


We have created and released a new, free educational game that introduces new users to the power of optimization. The game is intended to act as an entry point for data scientists and problem solvers who could benefit from optimization; the game teaches users why optimization is valuable and important, why it’s difficult (by showcasing the scaling and added complexity of optimization throughout round play), and why solvers and other optimization algorithms are essential in finding an optimal solution.

Webinar: Gamifying Optimization Education: with the Burrito Optimization Game 

Thursday, September 29th at 11AM Eastern Time

If you missed the game launch at Gurobi Days Digital in May, this webinar is a great chance to learn more about the game and how it can be used by instructors to introduce players to optimization in a classroom setting, or how it can be used by new learners interested in getting started with problem solving with optimization. The free game ( is accompanied by a series of tools explaining how to teach the game in a classroom setting, how to use the game on your own, and covering the intended educational takeaways.

Gurobi created the game in collaboration with Dr. Larry Snyder of Lehigh University. The target audience of the game is data scientists, but any other problem solvers will also find the app useful and educational. We are excited to share this educational tool with the academic and optimization communities and hope it’s a valuable resource to introduce new learners to mathematical optimization.

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