This 50-Minute Webinar Recording Will Dive Deeper Into These New Features, Including:

New Compute Server Capabilities

  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS for improved security, ease of deployment and robustness
  • Clustering capabilities that allow nodes to be added and removed dynamically
  • A command line tool to help users monitor and manage their clusters
  • A REST API that allows users to programmatically monitor and manage clusters

New Instant Cloud Capabilities

  • A job dashboard that shows detailed information on jobs running, queued and processed as well as job status, log files, parameters and metrics
  • Pool scaling that allows users to dynamically add or remove machines from pools
  • Support for HTTPS to enhance security and robustness
  • A REST API for easy access to job information and to control pool scaling
  • Job History with new archive functionality allows users to store job logs and statuses

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