We are pleased to announce that our Gurobi Days training event is being held September 28-29 at The Hilton Chicago Magnificent Mile.

This free, two-day event includes hands-on training sessions and educational content, and is a great opportunity to learn directly from the experts at Gurobi, including Dr. Edward Klotz, Sr. Mathematical Optimization Specialist, and Dr. Greg Glockner,  VP and Technical Fellow.

You will also have the opportunity to book 1:1 sessions with our development and support team to discuss your specific questions, and to network with other Gurobi users.


Day 1 – September 28: Day one puts our product, customers, and partners in the spotlight.

  • What’s new in Gurobi
  • Why MIP technology?
  • Hear compelling use cases directly from renowned companies and partners
  • Hidden gems of Gurobi
  • 1:1 sessions
  • Cocktail reception


Day 2 – September 29: Day two will feature a wide variety of technical topics, including: 

  • Modeling training using Python
  • Beginner and advanced algorithms
  • Handling numerical challenges
  • Performance tuning and advanced numerics

Space is limited, so if you or someone on your team is interested in attending, please register now.


Who Should Attend?

  • New Gurobi users who want to get up to speed quickly
  • Experienced users who want to be even more productive building scalable models that solve in less time
  • Prospective users wanting to learn about opportunities for optimization at their companies

*This event is only open to our Commercial users.
All Academic users should attend Gurobi Days Digital – Academic.



Hilton Chicago Magnificent Mile

198 E Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

Tel: +1 312 664-1100

If you have any questions, please email marketing-ops@gurobi.com.

*This event is only open to our Commercial users, and seats are limited. 

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