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Gurobi Days Paris took place on October 19 & 20, 2022 and it was a success. The event included presentations from our customers and partners about how mathematical optimization is transforming their businesses, as well as product updates and technical training.

This was also a great opportunity to network and discuss your business face to face.

We truly hope you enjoyed it, we certainly did.



Benoit Robillard
Chief Technical Lead of Operations Research and Data Science, Air France KLM

Benoit holds an engineering degree in Computer Science as well as master’s degree and a PhD in optimization. His mission, with his team, is to build the full ecosystem (technical enablers, training, innovation events…) to enable optimization scientists and data scientists to be efficient in their daily life. Prior to that, Benoit was in charge of the Air France teams working on optimization and data science for the operations of Air France (engineering & maintenance, operation control center, operational performance, ground operations and flight operations) and before that, worked a few years on the optimization of cabin crew rosters at Air France.

Bruno Berstel-Da Silva
Chief Technology Officer, DecisionBrain

Bruno oversees the architecture and strategy for the DB Gene platform and other DecisionBrain vertical applications. Bruno has 20+ years of experience in design and development of knowledge-based systems, graphical user interfaces, business rule programming languages, and software engineering. Bruno holds a Ph.D. in program formal verification from the University of Freiburg in Germany.

Jana Färber
Senior Data Scientist, Mars

Jana Färber (Hasemann) is a thought leader in the ML & AI space with 10 years of experience across different roles in Mars. In her current role, she is driving the digitalization of the supply chain as a Senior Data Scientist. Her work enables quicker and better-informed decisions through automation and self-learning systems, moving Mars towards a more “cognitive” supply chain. Her key deliverables include projects around demand sensing, root cause analysis, recommender systems and computer vision for quality assessment in raw materials and finished goods. Jana is passionate about MLOps which helps the team to build reliable products at scale.

Ian Griffiths
CTO, Decision Lab

Ian has over 20 years’ experience as a modeler and developing decision support tools in a wide range of sectors, including defence, security, emergency response, health, logistics and asset management. While working at Dstl, he led a research team of 40 scientists, software engineers and analysts, that specialised in chemical and biological defence modelling. At Decision Lab, he has led numerous projects, including for UK MOD and Dstl, as well as working with Siemens, Rolls-Royce, Babcock International, Thames Water and more. As Chief Technology Officer, Ian’s passion is for creating innovative and exciting solutions that have a real positive impact.

Louis-Paul Henry
Head of Applications and Hamiltonian Design, Pasqal

Head of Applications and Hamiltonian Design team at PASQAL, developing solutions compatible with our quantum processing units. A solid expertise on spin models and other lattice systems after three years as a Ph.D. student at the Laboratoire de Physique in the ENS Lyon, and six years of post-doctoral fellowships in international laboratories across Europe.

Martin Gurtner
Power System Optimization Specialist, Čez

Stuart Robertson
Partner, L.E.K. Consulting

Stuart Robertson is a Partner in L.E.K. Consulting’s London office and the firm’s Disruptive Analytics Lead. Stuart focuses primarily on the transport industry, covering operators and equipment and infrastructure suppliers. With particular expertise in the interaction between the public and private sectors, he has deep experience in transport infrastructure, pricing and revenue management, transport technologies, consumer engagement, and litigation and dispute resolution. As Disruptive Analytics Lead, Stuart helps guide and develop L.E.K.’s expertise in data science and machine learning, focusing on how the latest developments can be applied to consulting engagements. Stuart holds an MA in mathematics from Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Thomas Bernardi
Data Scientist, BlaBlaCar

Thomas graduated in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), and also holds a Master degree in Statistics from EPFL (Lausanne). Before joining BlaBlaCar, Thomas was a Data Science consultant for The Boston Consulting Group, developing advanced ML and OR models for top-tier companies. He joined BlaBlaCar to bring OR expertise in order to drive Bus Network efficiency.

Vishal Shete
Director of Strategy, Terra Quantum


Wednesday, October 19


Gurobi Optimization – “Introduction”
Duke Perrucci, Chief Operating Officer, Gurobi Optimization
Sascha Haake, Sales Director EMEAI, Gurobi Optimization

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Gurobi Optimization – “Deploying Gurobi in state-of-the-art Cloud and Container applications”
Kostja Siefen, Head of Global Technical Account Management, Gurobi Optimization

In this session we presented the product innovations and improvements of our cloud-based products. These include:
– Enterprise management features for the Gurobi Compute Server
– Optional provision of powerful infrastructure in the Gurobi Instant Cloud
– Flexible licensing in container environments with the Gurobi Web License Service

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Air France – Optimization in the airline industry : an overview of our use cases & challenges
Benoit Robillard, Chief Technical Lead of Operations Research and Data Science, Air France KLM

The airline industry offers a wide range of optimization problems to tackle a wide range of challenges to solve. This journey will guide us through some of our most emblematic use cases such as revenue management, crew rostering optimization or schedules maintenance operations showing how optimization and Gurobi can bring value to our business. We will highlight different optimization patterns that we have and see how tackle them not only depending on their combinatorial complexity but also, even mainly, regarding the whole process it belongs to.

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Mars – PLATO – An In-House Supply Planning Tool
Jana Färber, Senior Data Scientist, Mars

Mars has been exploring innovative alternatives to the demand and supply planning system used in major markets. This created an opportunity to design an in-house planning tool that creates optimized production plans based on Mars-specific hard and soft constraints. Several production lines, accountable for 49 % of production volume in Mars Wrigley Confectionary, are considered particularly complex to plan for. Within those lines, several items need to be produced concurrently while output rates per item may vary depending on the combinations selected, and the time of production. The tool that Mars’ in-house Supply Chain Analytics Team has created uses Gurobi to solve for optimized production plans while seamlessly integrating with the new demand and supply planning system. It responds in real-time and allows Supply Planners to step through multiple settings of the hard and soft constraints, providing a scenario planning capability not available to them to date. The case study is going to highlight the implementation and architecture chosen for deployment.

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BlaBlaCar – Optimization of the long-distance bus network @BlaBlaCar
Thomas Bernardi, Data Scientist, BlaBlaCar

Operating a long-distance bus network of 1 million km per year spread over 300 buses as efficiently as possible is a huge challenge. On top of that, these buses are distributed among more than 40 partner companies, each with their own operational constraints, this is where optimization algorithms become essential to help with decision-making. Thomas will present the vehicle scheduling algorithm they developed, and show how the close collaboration between Data Scientists and Software Engineers enabled them to integrate it in the existing tech stack of the tools used by Network Planners.

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ČEZ – Solving a unit commitment problem for a wide portfolio of power plants
Martin Gurtner, Power System Optimization Specialist, Čez

In this talk, Martin Gurtner, Power System Optimization Specialist at Čez, will present a unit commitment problem they are solving for various types of power plants: nuclear, hydro, coal, CCGT. He will describe how they formulated the problem as Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP), what they see as the benefits of using MIP, the challenges they encountered, and how they tackled them.

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Quantum Computing Panel Discussion
Louis-Paul Henry, Head of Applications and Hamiltonian Design, Pasqal
Stuart Robertson, Partner, L.E.K. Consulting
Vishal Shete, Director of Strategy, Terra Quantum

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Gurobi Alliance Program
Jan Schwarzkopf, Ecosystem Manager EMEAI, Gurobi Optimization

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DecisionBrain – OR In Practice: Opportunities, Challenges, And Best Practices
Bruno Berstel-Da Silva, Chief Technology Officer, DecisionBrain

This presentation focuses on the opportunities, challenges, and best practices that OR-based solutions face in delivering value to the line of business. Some of the questions that will be addressed are:
– What are the challenges and best practices in implementing OR-based systems in industry?
– What value Senior Executives expect to obtain by applying a scientific approach to decision making?
– How can OR help companies face market disruptions?

PDF Slides available on demand only, reach out to trevino@gurobi.com to request access
Video recording available on demand only, reach out to trevino@gurobi.com to request access

Ian Griffiths, CTO, Decision Lab

Inefficient transport of goods can be incredibly wasteful in terms of people and time, fuel use, environment impact and financial cost. This is especially important for the military that must get vital military equipment and supplies to the right places at the right time. Funded by Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl, a part of the UK Ministry of Defence) – through a Defence and Security Accelerator competition, we developed the Logistics Optimisation System (LOGOS) that provides more rapid, effective handling in Deployed Military Logistics Hubs. It is composed of three optimisation algorithms – a stores routing algorithm, a pallet packing algorithm, and a transport loading algorithm – which link to the Gurobi solver. Through further Dstl funding, we have since extended this to optimise the support long-term military logistics demands. We have also carried out a project for Microsoft which applied Reinforcement Learning to a similar problem. We will present the our modelling approach and its potential use in military and wider logistics, and how a mathematical optimisation and machine learning methods can complement one another.

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Thursday, October 20 (Training Day)


Gurobi Optimization – Welcome & What’s New in Gurobi 10.0
Kostja Siefen, Head of Global Technical Account Management, Gurobi Optimization
Jennifer Locker, Technical Account Manager, Gurobi Optimization

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