Virtual Technical Training

You are invited to join us at Gurobi Days Digital, which will be taking place on May 31-June 1, 2023.

In this virtual event, you will receive training presented by Gurobi technologists and have a chance to engage with the community of Gurobi users from around the world.

This year’s free, two-day event for academic and commercial users will feature refreshed and updated technical sessions, including:

Day 1: May 31

  • Welcome from Gurobi CEO Duke Perrucci
  • The latest advances in Optimization with Gurobi CTO and Co-founder Zonghao Gu
  • Why MIP
  • Intro and Advanced Modeling
  • Intro and Advanced Algorithms
  • Live Panel: Common Myths or Technical Myths about Optimization


Day 2: June 1

  • Automating and Optimizing Your Production Scheduling Function
  • Intro to Gurobipy
  • Advanced Handling Challenging Models
  • MIP Performance Tuning
  • Advanced Numerics
  • Partner Session: Automating and Optimizing Your Production Scheduling Function, Better Business Analytics
  • Customer Session: Optimizing to Make Better Conservation Decisions, The Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Carleton University

For those who prefer to attend one of our in-person Gurobi events, we will be coming to you in Barcelona, Spain in October and Chicago, Illinois in September.

Don’t miss this special virtual event!



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