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This 50 minute video covers our new QCP and SOCP optimizer for solving quadratically-constrainted models with Gurobi. This new capability is built on top of an efficient Second-Order Cone Programming (SOCP) solver. This seminar will discuss the design choices we made in building this new optimizer, and the impact of these choices on overall performance and robustness.

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Gurobi 10.0 Delivers Blazing-Fast Speed, Innovative Data Science Integration, and an Enterprise Development and Deployment Experience
Latest release enables data professionals to easily integrate machine learning models into optimization models to solve new types of problems.
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Webinar: What’s New in Gurobi 10.0
In this webinar, attendees will get a first look at our upcoming product release, Gurobi 10.0. We will summarize the performance improvements and highlight some of the underlying algorithmic advances, such as the network simplex algorithm, enhancements in concurrent LP, and optimization based bound tightening.
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Cost Savings & Business Benefits for Gurobi Customers
2022 Total Economic Impact™ Study Reveals A 518% ROI with Gurobi
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