Supply Chain Optimization

In today’s Global Scenario, companies face an increasingly challenging marketplace with a growing field of competitors, higher customer expectations and complex overall just in case vs just in time supply chains.

Cutting costs while being more responsive to the market is becoming a challenge. How to achieve those minimizing inefficiencies throughout the supply chain?
Non-integrated manufacturing and distribution processes and poor relations with Suppliers and Customers are a sure recipe for failure.

A solution that integrates Supply Planning, Network Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, and Transportation Planning in ‘Capability to Fulfill’ can help to achieve the best results, with the help of Gurobi Optimization tools and the expertise of its Key Partners, like ORMAE.

In this webinar you will get insights about:

  • Optimization of Last Mile Delivery- for one of the largest food delivery organization in India
  • Building of a large supply chain model for profit maximization on Inventory holding costs and Transportation costs, for a Fortune 500 Chemical Giant in Europe
  • Trade Promotion Optimization

Join Dr. Amit Garg – Founder and Chief Scientist at ORMAE, World Renowned Mathematician with more than a decade of Optimization Expertise.

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